Photography of Family and Friends


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Mom and Dad Together
momdadcoke.jpg (66619 bytes)  june76parentsandmedustscratchesout copy.jpg (138367 bytes)
The first photo dates back to before I was born.  The second photo shows my parents and me in June 1976.


dadyoung.jpg (144370 bytes)  dadcar.jpg (83492 bytes)  dadflowers.jpg (69996 bytes)  dadbubblesperfect.jpg (102008 bytes) 
Here are four older pictures of my dad dating back to before I was born.  The last photo, which was modified in Photoshop, appears at the bottom of my Family Tree sculpture.
Here is one of my dad with his brother Ray in Hamilton, Ontario in May 1959. 
Dad is on the left.


momtreepants.jpg (120103 bytes)  momlate60s.jpg (113319 bytes)  mom in her forties.jpg (161169 bytes)
The first two show my mom before I was born.  The last one shows her at age 36.  I modified the first one in Photoshop and it appears at the top of my Family Tree sculpture.  

Maternal Grandparents

grandmaandgrandpaatbar.jpg (103275 bytes)
Here is a photo of my mom's parents taken shortly after they first met one another.


Maternal Grandmother

grandma1920s.jpg (118216 bytes)  relatives1a.jpg (155121 bytes)  grandmahat copy.jpg (114790 bytes)  relatives1.jpg (156201 bytes)
Here are a few of my grandma Mickey when she was young.  She was born in 1920.  She is pictured with her sister, Arlene in the photo on the pony.

Uncle Bob

bluesocietybob.jpg (141374 bytes)  bluesocietycard.jpg (45336 bytes)
Here's a photo of my late uncle Bob Rose (mom's brother) taken before I was born with the drum set he played in his band, The Blue Society.  Also shown is a scan of one of his business cards.
He was also a member of a more well-known Michigan Garage Band called Silver Hawk.
Silver Hawk was a Detroit group consisting of Mark Devartanian, Bryan Dombrowsky, Bob Rose and Mark Scott.
Below is "Awaiting on You All", from their only 45 record, a cover of the George Harrison song from "All Things Must Pass."

It entered the Billboard Bubbling Under chart on May 22, 1971, spent only three weeks there, and rose to no higher than #108. However, it did better in Canada, where it was recorded according to the MAPL logo, entering the RPM 100 on June 5, 1971 at #73 with a bullet, and reached #45 on June 26, 1971.
The B-side is also a really great song called "All I Can Do."  I am not sure if it is an original song or a cover.  I could not find any information.
My Second Cousins
My dad's mother's brother's daughter's sons.  They're my favorite relatives to hang out with, but unfortunately, they live quite a few hours from me in the Toronto area, so I hardly get to see them.  Here is a photo of me, Nick and Andrew.

Visit my Paternal Relatives Page to see other relatives on my dad's side of the family.



PICT0001.jpg (148931 bytes)  PICT0002.jpg (139441 bytes)  ikeandgrimm.jpg (143803 bytes)
Here's one of my favorite musicians, Ike Willis, visiting my home on June 23, 2006 before an Ugly Radio Rebellion show.  Often, he performs with one of my favorite bands, Project Object, although he is most known for his work with Frank Zappa.
Here I am after a Jeff Beck concert at the Fillmore in Detroit with Brian and Myla.
Me and Matt.  He is the person who introduced me to Frank Zappa back in 1999 which was a life-changing event.  Here we are after
a Project Object show at Papa Pete's in Kalamazoo, MI on February 6, 2009.
Me and Steve, my first boyfriend, and one of very few high school friends who stood the test of time.  Photos are from October 2, 2011, and May 27, 1991.
Me and John after a Project Object show at Martyr's in Chicago on January 6, 2007. 
Me and Drew (Don Preston in the background) after a Project Object show at Papa Pete's in Kalamazoo, MI on February 6, 2009.


aaronandiwoodslighter.jpg (66270 bytes)
Here is a picture I took using the bulb setting on an SLR camera.  Then I developed and printed it.  My friend Aaron and I are looking at the flame of a lighter as it flickered in the wind.  This was from back in '95.



Pictures by the Music Machine

Me and Myla after a Project Object show on October 20, 2007.
John and me after a Project Object show on October 20, 2007.
Dave (AKA MistaLee), Andr Cholmondeley, Mike Renna (engineer and driver for URR), Me and Scott Schroen (guitarist for Ugly Radio Rebellion) after an Al DiMeola show on October 17, 2006.  I also got a photo with Al DiMeola.


PICT0064.jpg (135962 bytes)  PICT0065.jpg (134699 bytes)
Me, Michelle, Layla and John after an Ugly Radio Rebellion show on June 23, 2006.
rachel-and-i.jpg (164827 bytes)
Rachel, an old friend from high school, and me at the Detroit Autorama 2005 on March 3, 2005.
melissaanddrew.jpg (106014 bytes)
Melissa and Drew, fellow Zappaphiles, hanging out after the April 14, 2005 Project Object show at Martyr's.  These two manage to get to even more Project Object shows than I can.  Notice the cool FZ moustache shirt Melissa made for Drew---the moustache is fake fur!
susan and friend by car.jpg (112242 bytes)  susan and friend on car.jpg (107461 bytes)
Susann Brady (a friend of Napoleon Murphy Brock from the band, Project Object) and one of her friends outside Martyr's in Chicago after the October 10, 2004 show.
Susann and me and some other guy after a Project Object show on October 20, 2007.
carol by car.jpg (122534 bytes)
My "Aunt" Carol Wilczynski after a Gem and Rock show on 4-9-05.


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