My Photography of the

Matthaei Botanical Gardens

in Ann Arbor, MI

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August 24, 2015

These photos are from my visit with Robin.  This time, we walked some of the outdoor trails.  Below are forget-me-nots thriving in a very wet area, some turtles basking in the sun in the pond, and an interesting large tree.



The gardens closest to the building were in full bloom, with lots of brightly-colored flowers.  I also enjoyed the fountains, which appeared to be inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.



Here are some of the many bonsais on display both indoors and out.




Sadly, the 80-year old Agave, that was Robin's favorite, died this year after blooming for the first and last time in its life.  Thankfully, there were some viable seeds and new seedlings in a pot.  Also, a special Japanese shakuhachi flute was made from its stalk.




A few water plants and koi.



Pineapple and some unlabeled flowers.








I really liked these ceramic frog sculptures.  The last two photos were some very tiny plants of which I did not get the names.



July 10, 2011

I visited this place many years ago when I was in college studying biology.  I had completely forgotten about it until my friend Robin came to Michigan to visit and wanted to go here.  We had a great time checking out all the unusual plants and flowers.  It seems like all one would have to do is wait a week or two and it could be a different experience because so many things are blooming and dying all the time.  I kept seeing dried up flowers that I knew we missed only by days, and others that were just ready to bloom, but we wouldn't get to see them.  The photos below are nothing special---they were taken with my crappy "travel" camera.  Next time, I hope to be able to get some photos with my DLSR.  They are mostly displayed in the order taken.  Sorry I didn't have the time to list all the species names.  I did photograph some of the tags right after photographing the plant.
























Here are photos of me and Robin.


Outdoor photos...



Here are some nice shots Robin took of me with her camera that I wasn't aware of at the time they were being taken.




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