My Photography

Since I was a child, I have tried to capture special moments on film to share with others.  Since August 2003, when I purchased my Minolta D'Image 7Hi camera, I have been taking only digital photography.  On July 30, 2006, I began taking photos with my Canon EOS 30D, a digital SLR camera.  On June 3, 2008, I began taking all macro photography with a Canon EOS 40D.  Any non-macro photographs taken after this date may have been taken with either the Minolta, 30D or 40D.

Nearly all of my photographs are available for sale.  Click here for info about purchasing prints of my photography.


Nature, Wildlife and the Earth

"If we can touch people about wildlife, then they'll want to save it"---Steve Irwin

Macro Photography
of Insects, Spiders,
and Other Tiny Creatures
The majority of my recent photography can be found by following the link above.
























Beavers and their Damage


Baby Robins
















Trees and Wooded Scenes



Largest Maple in
Hines Park in MI


Saugatuck Sand Dunes
in Saugatuck, Michigan



Croatan National Forest
in North Carolina
blue heron closeup front view standing looking left.jpg (131526 bytes)
Wildlife on the Huron
River in Southeast MI


Henry Ford Estate
in Dearborn, MI


lilypad flower closeup cropped.jpg (137295 bytes)
Flowers and Plants



Matthaei Botanical Gardens
in Ann Arbor, MI


ear fungus origin bell downward closeup.jpg (105886 bytes)
Mosses, Fungi and Lichens


balanced rock no flash adj.jpg (128306 bytes)
Natural Settings
and Wildlife


puffy clouds more contrast cropped.jpg (107347 bytes)



PICT0043cropped.jpg (145288 bytes)
Shedd Aquarium
in Chicago, IL



PICT0067.jpg (125120 bytes)



Photos of Me


Steve Vai and I.jpg (91203 bytes)
Me with Musicians,
Artists, and Celebrities


momtreepants.jpg (120103 bytes)
Family and Friends


Paternal Relatives (old photos)


Family Album
(password required)




I have been raised around a lot of cars---my dad used to restore them during my childhood.  I've always appreciated old, unique, or unusual cars.  My airbrushed art car, The Music Machine, has been displayed at the 2005 and 2008 Detroit Autoramas.  I also enjoy participating in cruises with it.

gold_space_car_number_2.jpg (125176 bytes)
Detroit Autorama 2004


mycarleftside.jpg (166538 bytes)
Detroit Autorama 2005


Detroit Autorama 2007


Detroit Autorama 2008


Detroit Autorama 2014
Detroit Autorama 2015


Detroit Autorama 2016


Detroit Autorama 2017
IMG_0810.jpg (138052 bytes)
Woodward Dream Cruise 2006


Woodward Dream Cruise 2008


Woodward Dream Cruise 2009


Michigan Avenue Cruise 2008







Holidays, Seasons, Misc.

Wintertime and Christmas


Holiday Trees








Miscellaneous Photography
and Video


Artwork of Others

Heidelberg Project


Grand River Creative Corridor
Dequindre Cut Greenway




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