My Pets of the Past and Present

From as far back as I can remember, I have always respected and loved animals.  I have had and do have many different kinds of animals as pets.  On this page, you can link to photos of some of my favorite creatures of the past and present.


Lyle Sundog Gordon
darwin 2004.jpg (72568 bytes)
Darwin the Amazing
Border Collie


1992fallheather.jpg (113057 bytes)
My other four
Dogs of the Past



Twista, the Dancing
Clawed Frog


African Clawed Frogs,
from Egg to Tadpole to Adult



frank 8-24-06 sitting facing slightly right better focus.jpg (128477 bytes)
Frank the Spadefoot



Don Preston the Spadefoot
Other Spadefoots


Pet Toads


Wild Toads
of the Detroit Area


Wild Toads
of the Metro-Detroit Area




Bunny Boy
rescued 10-5-13 from
Holly State Park woods.


Beatrice the Mallard Duck,
rescued on 12-26-10 from a hawk's death grip,
released 6-19-11, seen again in the neighborhood
on 10-31-11 and 5-19-13.
sparrow good pose slightly oof cropped.jpg (128488 bytes)
In the spring of 2005, I rescued a baby sparrow. 
To see pictures and read about my experience,
visit my Caring for an Abandoned Sparrow Page.



Other Animals

Past Fish and other
Past Pets from 2003-2010


Pepper Loach


Carolina full body side view facing left.jpg (120758 bytes)


Biglegs the Jumping Spider


Tufts and Mr. Greenfangs
Visit my Spider Care Page to learn
how to care for your own pet jumping spider.


Radinka Onawa,
the Platycryptus undatus
and friends of her kind



If you enjoy photographs of animals and nature, you might also enjoy my photography of Insects and Spiders, Flowers, Wildlife on the Huron River and The Saugatuck Dunes and Other Wooded Scenes.

Do you like birds?  Visit my Favorite Webcams Page to see nesting birds raise their young.


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