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I have been collecting things since I was a kid.  I don't have pictures of many of the things I collect, but I hope to continually update this page with photographs of many very unique items as time permits.  

My largest collections are of ephemera (antique items that should have been used up and discarded, such as medicinal and kitchen products), old bottles, Hagen Renaker ceramic animals, stamps, CDs, Zappa T-shirts and memorabilia, concert T-shirts from every show I've attended (and some I haven't), cypress knees and other interesting wood, Tom Gaskins memorabilia, rocks, fossils and trilobites.

Click on the pictures or words below to see items from each category.

Ephemera, Nostalgia and Antiques
curl master front.jpg (134154 bytes)
Ephemera, Nostalgia and Antiques
This is my largest online collection and is broken down into multiple subcategories
such as vintage tape measures, Chevrolet cologne/perfume samples, Dr. Scholl's products,
Frog in Your Throat products, and many other ephemeral items for one's home, health and beauty and fun.


Cypress Knees and Interesting Wood Collection
gaskins postcard best knee.jpg (115364 bytes)
Virtual Tom Gaskins Cypress Knee Museum
This is one of my most special collections to help preserve the memory and lifelong endeavors of
a unique individual named Tom Gaskins.
Also related to cypress knees are the following collections...
Geological and Natural Collections
metacanthinas.jpg (54352 bytes)


pyromorphite flash.jpg (98454 bytes)
Rocks and Minerals


ammonoid.jpg (85137 bytes)
(excluding trilobites)



Music- and Movie-related Collections



Other Collectibles
(copper stamps)



old goats and milk.jpg (88888 bytes)
Hagen-Renaker Ceramic
Animal Figurines


bottle collection.jpg (119978 bytes)



And if you're wondering how I keep many of these things displayed in harmony with my artistic creations, click below for a tour of my first home...

Virtual Home Tour


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