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Artist Statement

Creating art fills me with an unsurpassable joy.  The psychedelic and surreal qualities of my work encourage the viewer to explore other places beyond their imagination.  My artwork combines elements of nature with abstract and surreal imagery.  I use saturated colors from the entire spectrum.  Flowing, organic formations invoke a feeling of peace, love and contentment.  I design my work to be observed from both close up and afar, as there are often tiny, complex details that only close examination would reveal.

I prefer to let my ideas determine the media to be used.  I consider myself to be a lifelong learner---I am continually expanding my knowledge base by exploring new media.  Some of my favorite media are painting (watercolor, airbrushing and acrylic), ceramics, sculpture, pyrography, drawing, pysanky and tie-dying.  I also create images through the use of digital photography.  I use macro lenses to capture insects and spiders on aesthetically pleasing backgrounds.  I also manipulate my artwork and photography in Photoshop, often bringing it to life through animation.

Simply click on the photos or words below to see examples of work in each media. 

All of the thumbnail photos you will encounter can be clicked on to see a larger view of the piece.

Artwork Categories:

vegetanimal for web.jpg (103426 bytes)
Acrylic Painting and 
Papier Maché


incense burners with trilobite.jpg (63926 bytes)
Art Cars



first woodburning.jpg (106378 bytes)


Cypress Knees


eye and button clock.jpg (83225 bytes)
Sculpture and Transformations


Tie-Dye and Batik


Halloween Costumes and Jack 0' Lanterns
7pyramid.jpg (59217 bytes)
Glasswork and Jewelry
pysanky ostrich egg trilobite.jpg (86987 bytes)



Framed Assemblages


Google Deep Dream
Weavesilk drawings
Miscellaneous Artwork



I also have a few artists in the family.  Click on the painting below to see their work.

Family Artwork

Artwork for Purchase:

Nearly all of my photographs are for sale as 8 X 10's.  Click here for details on purchasing my digital photography.

I will soon be offering Giclée prints of selected watercolor paintings.  Check out the Artwork and Items For Sale page for more information.  

Attention Employers or Art Teachers --- you may wish to peruse the lesson plans I created for the high school art class I taught in 2003-2004.  There are also examples of student work corresponding to the lesson plans presented here.  Teachers, feel free to borrow anything you like for use in your own classroom.

Go to High School Art Lesson Plans


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