My Photography of

the 56th Annual Detroit Autorama Extreme at Cobo Center

March 7-9, 2008

I was very happy to get the chance to display the Music Machine once again.  It was on the upper level for the Detroit Autorama 2005, but this year, it was on the lower level, with the "Autorama Extreme."  I was positioned right near the stage, perfect for a car that is all about the music of Frank Zappa!  For this exhibition, I spent more time making the display---I even found leopard-print fabric that matched the interior exactly (thanks to E-bay).  I had to sew two 20-foot strips together to make the floor covering (largest thing I've sewn in my life!).  I also covered my old stanchions with the fabric and attached real album covers to each one (Sheik Yer Bouti, Apostrophe ('), 200 Motels and Overnite Sensation).  I cut out a bunch of fluorescent musical notes to decorate the floor (which turned out to be irresistible by children---they kept playing with them and moving them around, except for one girl, who actually helped me by turning over the notes that had been flipped backwards.  That was a surprise!).  I brought home a "Best in Class" trophy.


Click on any photo to see a larger view!


The Music Machine after setting up on March 5th...



My car at the show...






Me with the car...






The Music Machine won a Best in Class trophy...





Cars and Trucks on the Main Level



























Motorcycles and Tricycle














Cars, Trucks and Ratrods on the Lower Level






















Old Gas Pump



Breakdancing Competition

On Friday night, there was a breakdancing competition in front of the stage by my car.  There were about 15-20 contestants.  The crowd was ridiculous (and not in a good way).  No one was clapping or cheering or anything.  The MC kept making comments about how the crowd needed to react and let the dancers know that they liked what they saw, but no one was responding---it was rather comical.  I took the videos in low-quality so they would download fast, but now I wish I would have done them larger.

Breakdancing movie 1

Breakdancing movie 2

Breakdancing movie 3

Breakdancing movie 4

Breakdancing movie 5


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