My Blob-top Bottle Collection

The blob-top bottles pictured below date back to 1900 and before.  To learn more about these old bottles in general, click here.  Many had stoppers made of lead that pushed into the bottle and remained inside while you drank your beverage.  These were called Hutchinson bottles.  Click here to learn more about Hutchinson Bottles.  Another less common type of stopper was the Coddball stopper.  It used a marble as a stopper.  After one broke the seal and pushed the marble down into the bottle, one was only able to drink from one side (the side that held the loose marble in place).  Click here to learn more about Codd bottles.

Click on each thumbnail for an enlarged view of each item.

blob fabrica de san joses front.JPG (146948 bytes)
Fabrica de San Joe's
Says "This bottle not to be sold" on reverse


blob i levinson lion.jpg (103708 bytes)  blob i levinson.jpg (104931 bytes)
I. Levinson bottle with lion pictured on front
Gives an address of 346 W. 12th Street, Chicago


camiel moens.jpg (137370 bytes)  camiel moens side.jpg (124521 bytes)
Camiel Moens, Oost-Eekloo
This bottle has a Coddball stopper. 


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