My Pepsi and Mountain Dew Bottle Collection

Caleb Davis Bradham, a New Bern, North Carolina, druggist, invented and named Pepsi-Cola.  Although he registered the trademark, the word "Pepsi-Cola" in calligraphy script, in 1903, he claimed that it had been used since 1898.  A simpler version was registered in 1906.  The name in a hexagonal frame with the words "A Sparkling Beverage" was registered in 1937.  This logo was printed on the bottle.  About 1950, the modern logo in the form of an oval was introduced.  The name "Pepsi" was started in 1911, but it was not until 1966 that the block-lettered logo was registered.  Both names are still used.  A few very early Pepsi bottles were made of amber glass.  Many other Pepsi bottles wit local bottlers' names were made in the early 1900's.  To learn more about the history of Pepsi-Cola, click here.

I have many Pepsi bottles in my collection.  Most have not been photographed yet.  Here, you will find my favorites along with as much information about them as I can provide.   I also included Mountain Dew here, since it is currently bottled by Pepsi-Cola.

Click on each thumbnail for an enlarged view of each item.

pepsi 1947 front.JPG (112675 bytes)  pepsi 1947 back.jpg (93610 bytes)
12 oz.
stamped 1947 on bottom,
but states that this style wasn't released until 1958.


pepsi 1946.JPG (104720 bytes)
16 oz.?
diet pepsi front 1971.jpg (134055 bytes)  diet pepsi back1971.jpg (146666 bytes)
Diet Pepsi-Cola
16 oz.


pepsi 1989 front.jpg (112481 bytes)  pepsi 1989 back.jpg (115005 bytes)
16.9 oz.
Purchase, NY
Mountain Dew



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