My Digital Photography of Flowers and Plants

This subject matter is a bit easier to work with than most living things I choose to photograph.  At least they don't move on their own!  I love the way you can see so much detail, like the little pollen grains on the stamens.  If you enjoy animals and nature, you might also like my photographs of Insects and SpidersSaugatuck Dunes and other Wooded Scenes, and Wildlife on the Huron River.  There are also pictures of some unique animals on my Pets Page.

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2013 Photography

Unknown flowers, August 31, 2013

Sharon Twp., MI




2012 Photography


Orchids, March 2, 2012

Here are a few photos of my orchids.  The white one on the left in the corner has been alive since 2008.  The others are from spring 2011.






2011 Photography


Dandelion, April 29, 2011

Look at the crazy stalk on this dandelion that Brian found in the yard.






2010 Photography


Hibiscus, August 18, 2010

This huge hibiscus was photographed at my parents' house.



Night-blooming flower, August 11, 2010 (taken at night)

This was a weed growing by the birdbath in the backyard.  It wasn't like any weed I'd seen before so we decided to let it grow and see what the flowers looked like.  It turned out, they were awesome!  This is the only plant I've ever personally observed to bloom at night!  During the day, it is all closed up and one would think it was nothing special, but as soon as it gets dark, the pretty yellow flowers bloom.  I would have never known this except that we have an outdoor light so we can watch the raccoons and other nocturnal animals.  One night I was surprised to see the flowers out there.





Phlox and Rose, July 13, 2010

I photographed these flowers after it rained.  The phlox photos aren't all in focus, but the interesting thing about them is that it was a certain stalk that had mutated.  It wasn't purple like the others, but had white parts within the flower as well.  There was only one stalk like this out of probably 30 or 40.  The rose was just planted this year.  It is bright yellow-orange with darker tips.  I discovered a tiny leaf-hopper on the rose after I examined the photographs.








Butterfly bush flowers and shadow, July 7, 2010

This photo was actually an accident, taken while I was doing a photo shoot of Spider #48, but I decided to keep it since it looked interesting.



Wisteria Tree, May 31, 2010

I've had this wisteria tree for a couple years now.  This is the most I've seen it flower.




Unusual Plant, February 10, 2010

Two stalks of this unusual plant were in a floral arrangement I received.  Of course, I had to photograph them.  I have not had the time to identify them yet.  I'm also not sure what the purple stalk is that appears in two of the photos.




2009 Photography


Hoya Plant's Flowers, August 31, 2009

This plant belongs to my parents.  They have had it for years and it only recently started to flower.  I took a cutting from it in hopes that I can grow my own.  These flowers smell nice and look almost fake.  They are like little fuzzy stars.  They hang down from the plant instead of most flowers that grow upward.  I took some photos with a flash and some without. The ones without a flash show the transparent nature of the flowers.  The solid pink ones are flowers that have not quite fully developed yet.  I photographed it outside---while I was out there, a hummingbird came right up to it but got scared off when it saw me.













Wild Cucumber, August 25, 2009

I think this year's vine looks like a dinosaur.  I didn't photograph last year's, but you can click here to see the 2007 vine.




Coreopsis, July 15, 2009



Roses, Hibiscus, and Clematis at my parents' house, June 27, 2009





Columbine, June 22, 2009

These flowers were transplanted from my previous residence the spring of 2008.  I couldn't believe how much they'd flourished after only living here one season before.  They had darker purple flowers than ever.  Some kind of all-yellow type emerged as well.  I wonder if it could have been some type of cross between the purple-edged ones and the other white ones with yellow centers as seen in my previous columbine shoot from 2005.




Sweet Williams, June 22, 2009 (except for the last photo which is from 9-13-09)




Orchid, March 14, 2009

This is the third time I have witnessed the blooming of this orchid.  This time, it grew a separate stalk from the bottom that had two flowers on it, while the other stalk connected to the main stem supported six blossoms.  I also photographed two special spiders on this orchid.  Click here to see the blooms from last year.  Click here to see Radinka's photo shoot.  Click here to see spider #38's.




2008 Photography

Christmas Cactus Flowers, December 13, 2008

Click here to see two jumping spiders photographed on this cactus.  Click here to see a different species of jumping spider (my pet "Radinka") on this cactus.




Wind-carried Seed, September 6, 2008



Coreopsis, July 30, 2008



Coreopsis and Butterfly Bush Close-ups, July 14, 2008




Lily, Yucca and Rose, July 5, 2008



Sweet Pea, June 17, 2008



Coreopsis, June 14, 2008

There is only one photo because I was actually warming up to take some insect and spider photos on this flower.  Click the names of the creatures below to see them photographed on coreopsis flowers.

Baby Jumping Spiders          Ladybug          Firefly


Prayer Plant, June 3, 2008

When I was 8 years old, I gave a prayer plant to my grandma for her birthday one year.  She kept it alive for many years.  When she had to go into assisted living 6-7 years ago, she gave me the plant back.  It is now about 25 years old!!!  It is my favorite houseplant.  Each day, it opens with the sun and closes its leaves up at night (hence the name prayer plant).  I also love how it changes with the seasons.  Each winter, most of its leaves become dry and brownish and dead-looking.  In springtime, brand new leaves come up from the soil in tightly rolled tubes that uncurl, revealing a fresh, new leaf.  I love watching all the tubes sprouting up.  After it gets its new leaves for the season, it flowers.  Each flower is tiny, with the largest petal measuring a mere 3/8" long!  I don't have any photos of the whole plant because I was using my macro lens at the time to photograph a mayfly on its flowers.




Flowering Crab Tree, May 5 and 6, 2008

On May 5th, I decided to take some photos of the flowering crab tree in front of my home, this time in the dark with a flash.  The first set of cool-toned photos are from my Minolta D'Image 7Hi.  The second set are from a Sony DSC-W55 (this one has better focusing capability in the dark with its infrared sensor).





On May 6th, I photographed the tree again in the daylight with the Minolta.




Orchid, April 29, 2008

I gave this orchid to my grandmother for her birthday last year, but she told me to keep it instead.  I have never owned an orchid before, but I read about its care and hoped that it would bloom again the following year.  It did!  I took a few pictures here, but I was more interested in using it as a backdrop for photographing a couple of my favorite jumping spiders, Mr. Greenfangs and Tufts.  Click here to see Tufts on the orchidClick here to see Mr. Greenfangs.






2007 Photography

Echinocystis lobata (wild cucumber), September 25, 2007

I grew these this year with some seeds I planted last fall.  Click here to read the story explaining where I obtained the seeds.




Coreopsis, June 15, 2007

These flowers grow in clumps in my backyard.  My mom gave them to me years ago.  These photos are just of the centers of the flowers.  I was taking some test shots in preparation to photograph a weevil.



Flowering Crab Tree, April 30, 2007

This tree is in my front yard.  Not all photos are perfectly in focus, but I included them for their artistic value.




2006 Photography

Echinocystis lobata (wild cucumber), September 29, 2006

These unusual fruits were discovered by my dad while hunting for wild mushrooms.  Neither of us has ever seen anything like them, but after some research, I found out they were wild cucumbers (not too good to eat though).  They're like mini-watermelons with spikes.  They're only about 1 1/2 inches long.  After a couple days of setting out, one of them split open, revealing four black seeds.  I planted the seeds in different locations in my backyard.  One of them grew!  Click here to see it.

prickly watermelon 9-29-06 two.jpg (148264 bytes)  prickly watermelon 9-29-06 two 2.jpg (145196 bytes)
prickly watermelon 9-29-06 split 1.jpg (161955 bytes)  prickly watermelon 9-29-06 unsplit.jpg (144374 bytes)


Oregano flowers, August 5, 2006

Extreme close-up

oregano 8-5-06.jpg (113080 bytes)  


Peace Lily, April 14, 2006.

This lily is special to me because when my uncle died, this was one of the plants from his funeral.  I am usually not very good at keeping plants alive, but I have managed to maintain this one for almost four years.  This is the nicest flower it has ever produced.  Unfortunately, I think Darwin's tail made a small tear in the petal.

whitelily closeup middle in focus adj copy.jpg (100068 bytes)  whitelily full view cropped.jpg (99338 bytes)  whitelily closeup tip in focus cropped adj copy.jpg (125448 bytes)

peace lily closeup 2 cropped adj copy.jpg (120743 bytes)  peace lily closeup cropped adj copy.jpg (113190 bytes)

peace lily super closeup 2.jpg (103544 bytes)  peace lily super closeup tip.jpg (111967 bytes)  peace lily super closeup.jpg (111424 bytes)


Daisy-like flowers, April 15, 2006
whitedaisy purple center closeup 2.jpg (131735 bytes)  whitedaisies purple center cropped adj copy.jpg (119799 bytes)  whitedaisy purple center closeup.jpg (137910 bytes)
orange daisy purple center full view color adj copy.jpg (111862 bytes)  orange daisy purple center closeup color adj copy.jpg (99304 bytes)  purpletipped flower closeup.jpg (142685 bytes)  purpletipped flowers full view cropped.jpg (141295 bytes)  


Sun Star Flowers, April 15, 2006

star flower full view 1 cropped.jpg (126574 bytes)  star flower full view transparent look cropped.jpg (125395 bytes)

star flower closeup no flash.jpg (102504 bytes)  star flower closeup 2 flash.jpg (112325 bytes)  star flower closeup flash.jpg (143533 bytes)

star flower super closeup cropped.jpg (106825 bytes)  star flower double closeup.jpg (116499 bytes)  star flower super closeup 3.jpg (132903 bytes)


Orchid, April 15, 2006

spotted orchid full view facing right closer view cropped.jpg (120182 bytes)  spotted orchid closeup 2.jpg (117372 bytes)  spotted orchid closeup.jpg (137326 bytes)  spotted orchid full view facing right 2 cropped rotated adj copy.jpg (115186 bytes)

spotted orchid closeup 2 cropped rotated.jpg (121162 bytes)  spotted orchid full view facing right no flash cropped.jpg (117155 bytes)  spotted orchid full view.jpg (130394 bytes)  spotted orchid super closeup 2.jpg (142515 bytes)


Orchid, April 15, 2006

yelloworchid closeup two flowers flash.jpg (112151 bytes)  yelloworchid closeup two flowers no flash.jpg (109455 bytes)  yelloworchid full view vertical comp.jpg (128565 bytes)

yelloworchid closeup dark bkg.jpg (123452 bytes)  yelloworchid closeup light bkg cropped.jpg (100595 bytes)  yelloworchid.jpg (116389 bytes)


Daffodil, April 15, 2006

Photographed at dusk

daffodil closeup facing right cropped.jpg (131419 bytes)  daffodil closeup facing left cropped.jpg (124805 bytes)  daffodil closeup facing right.jpg (130810 bytes)

daffodil full view cropped.jpg (138546 bytes)  daffodil closeup facing left.jpg (129452 bytes)  daffodil double cropped adj copy.jpg (125551 bytes)  daffodil full view cropped twice rotated.jpg (135151 bytes)


Oriental Lily, April 18, 2006

lilies side view.jpg (141478 bytes)  lily supercloseup 3 copy.jpg (116173 bytes)  lily full view cropped.jpg (111800 bytes)

lily closeup view stigma in focus.jpg (121286 bytes)  lilies two 2 adj copy.jpg (140480 bytes)  lily front view cropped.jpg (93822 bytes)

lily supercloseup.jpg (117660 bytes)  lily partial view off center cropped adj copy.jpg (130738 bytes)  lily partial view off center 2 cropped adj copy.jpg (142807 bytes)  lily supercloseup 2 copy.jpg (123260 bytes)

lily with others in bkg.jpg (137439 bytes)  lily near full view stamens upright.jpg (129202 bytes)  lilies two cropped.jpg (108588 bytes)  lily near full view.jpg (95755 bytes)


2005 Photography


Columbine flowers of two varieties, May 2005

columbine lavender white outer petal in focus.jpg (116963 bytes)  columbine lavender white stamens in focus.jpg (124801 bytes)

columbine lavender white front view stamens focused.JPG (126297 bytes)  columbine lavender white front view flash center focused.jpg (92171 bytes)  columbine lavender white front view flash stamens focused.jpg (134184 bytes)  columbine lavender white front view flash brighter stamens focused.jpg (95133 bytes)

columbine white one flower closeup uncropped.jpg (130867 bytes)  columbine white two together rotated and cropped.jpg (111028 bytes)  columbine white two together rotated.jpg (134291 bytes)

columbine white two together side view.jpg (105912 bytes)  columbine white two together side view both fairly focused.jpg (128900 bytes)  columbine white two together side view right flower more in focus.jpg (124519 bytes)  columbine white two together unotated and uncropped 2.jpg (120633 bytes)


Gladiola, May 2005

gladiola cropped lengthwise.jpg (133012 bytes)


Clematis flower, 9-7-05

clematis 2.jpg (111863 bytes)

clematis 4 cropped.jpg (128907 bytes) clematis.jpg (121636 bytes)
clematis closeup.jpg (127377 bytes)


clematis closeup cropped.jpg (125804 bytes)
clematis closeup 3.jpg (124681 bytes)



Flowering Thistle, 2005

thistle flower full view.jpg (131804 bytes)  dead thistle.jpg (115586 bytes)  thistle flower closeup.jpg (129077 bytes)



Lilypad flower, 2005 (also pictured on Wildlife on the Huron River Page)

lilypad flower closeup cropped.jpg (137295 bytes)  lilypad flower closeup.jpg (96718 bytes)  lilypads with flower 2.jpg (97823 bytes)  lilypads with flower cropped.jpg (115037 bytes)



2003-2004 Photography


Hibiscus flowers, 2003

hibiscus closeup.jpg (74046 bytes)


hibiscus pollen focus.jpg (67956 bytes)
hibiscus evening.jpg (68815 bytes)



Extreme Close-up of flowering thistle, 2004

thistle extreme closeup.jpg (103284 bytes)


Toad lily, 2004

toad lily showing 2 flowers.jpg (155740 bytes)
toad lily closeup.jpg (93317 bytes)
toad lily showing 2 flowers larger.jpg (159820 bytes)


Center of a zinnia, 2004

center of zinnia.jpg (121396 bytes)


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