My Digital Photography of Insects, Spiders,

and Other Tiny Creatures

(mostly macro photography)


"In each little life, we can see great truth and beauty, and in each little life we glimpse the way of all things in the universe.  If we allow ourselves to be enchanted by the beauty of the ordinary, we begin to see that all things are extraordinary.  If we allow ourselves to be humbled by what we do not know and cannot know, in our humility, we are exalted.  If we allow ourselves to recognize the mystery and the wonder of existence, our fogged minds clear.  Thinking clearly, we follow wonder to awe, and in a state of awe, we are as close to true wisdom as we will ever be." ---Dean Koontz, excerpt from A Big Little Life

I never dreamt how my life would change with the purchase of a digital camera.  Now, insects and spiders have become my favorite photographic subject---I am always amazed at how familiar animals all of a sudden take on a new appearance as viewed through the "eye" of a camera.  Our own eyes really are limited when it comes to seeing the small things in life.  All of the creatures you will see on these pages were native to the Metro-Detroit area unless otherwise specified.

Many insects were photographed on flowers.  If you like photography of flowers, I also have some flower pictures without insects on the Flower Photography Page.  I have links to photographs of reptiles, amphibians and fish on my Pets Page.  If you enjoy nature as much as I do, also check out my Saugatuck Dunes and other Wooded ScenesWildlife on the Huron River and Fungi and Lichens pages.

While I do try to photograph many of these animals in their natural surroundings, I have found that I obtain some of the most detailed photos when I can control the lighting better.  Outdoors, the sun often disappears behind the clouds, making it rather frustrating to find a setting that works.  By then, the insect is gone.  So I often take the insects inside and set up a piece of white matboard with a vase of flowers and make a little "studio".


Current Equipment:

Canon EOS 40D

Sigma 180mm macro lens

Sigma APO Tele Converter 2x EXDG

Canon MT-24EX Twin Lite Macro Ring Flash

TC-80N3 Timer Remote Controller

Note:  Photos from 2003-July 29, 2006 were captured with a Minolta D'Image 7Hi digital camera and "macro adapter".  Photos from July 30, 2006-June 2, 2008 were captured with a Canon EOS 30D and Sigma 180 mm lens.

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Ant Lions


Praying Mantises
Grasshoppers and Crickets
Beetles and 
Misc. Insects


bottlefly good closeup 2.jpg (125873 bytes)
Flies and
Misc. Flying Insects


Centipedes and Millipedes


Bumblebees and 
Carpenter Bees












Pandora Sphinx Moth


Polyphemus Moth


5-spotted Hawk Moth


Anise Swallowtail





Jumping Spiders, Family Salticidae


jumping spider 8-31-06 perched on top 4.jpg (129233 bytes)
Jumping Spiders
Volume 1:  2005-2007
(mostly Phidippus)


Phidippus Jumping Spiders
Volume 2:  2008-2009



Phidippus Jumping Spiders
Volume 3:  2010 -
Baby Phidippus audax
Jumping Spiders



"Biglegs", a very special
Phidippus audax
Jumping Spider


"Tufts", a Phidippus clarus,
 and "Mr. Greenfangs',
a Phidippus audax



"Radinka Onawa",
the Platycryptus undatus
and Friends of her kind



Platycryptus undatus
Adults 2012 - present


Platycryptus undatus


Zebra Jumping Spiders


Miscellaneous Jumping Spiders
Visit my Spider Care Page if you want to learn
how to care for your own pet jumping spider.


Orb-weaving Spiders, Family Areneidae


Orb-Weaving Adult Spiders
Volume 1:  2004-2009


Orb-Weaving Adult Spiders
Volume 2:  2010 -


Baby Orb-Weaving Spiders



Other types of Spiders

Crab Spiders
top view cropped.jpg (127412 bytes)
Miscellaneous Spiders

Spider Webs

Spider webs



Other Tiny Creatures





If you wish to identify a species or learn more about a certain insect or spider, try these resources...
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