My Photography of The Saugatuck Dunes

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Photos from my trip to the Saugatuck Dunes in MI on October 14, 2006

I am very fortunate to have my good friend, Matt.  He is an excellent tour guide and knows his way around these dunes very well.  We went for a 5-hour hike.  I was hoping to see a lot of fall colors, but it seems that many of the trees dropped their leaves while they were still green.  Other trees still have their green leaves.  It was only about 55 degrees Fahrenheit---a little windy and chilly, especially near the water.  No animals photographed this time.  Instead, it seems that fungi were the main focus as they were quite abundant due to moist conditions this year.  If you look closely, you will see a few trees that I photographed two years ago.

If you will be in the Saugatuck area and would like to go on a similar tour, I can put you in touch with Matt.  If you enjoy animals and nature, you might also like my photographs of Insects and Spiders, Flowers, and Wildlife on the Huron River.  Photos are arranged by subject matter.

Views of the Kalamazoo River (visited first)












Trees with Burls






Tree Roots




Miscellaneous Trees






Decimated Scotch Pine Forest (removed purposely due to overpopulation)



Views of Lake Michigan







Ridge Landscapes




Other Landscapes



Sand Drifts



Hole in top of concrete pyramid, Curvy tree by pyramid, Matt by a Fort




      Photos from my trip to the Saugatuck Dunes in MI on July 24, 2004

When my boyfriend and I drove out for a to visit my friend Matt, he led us on a 6-hour hike through this amazing ecosystem.  Below are some of my favorite pictures from the hike.  Also photographed on the hike, but pictured on other pages are a praying mantis, Cross spider, and mating pair of Imperial Moths.  Photos below are arranged in the order in which they were taken.

Click on each thumbnail for an enlarged view of each scene.

This first grouping of pictures are scenes from the deeper parts of the woods.

10 huge poison ivy vine.jpg (127864 bytes)    13 worms eye view of tree.jpg (137785 bytes)  17 gall tree flash.jpg (138138 bytes)  18 gall tree no flash.jpg (148660 bytes)  33 beech trunk.jpg (117276 bytes)  42 twisty tree.jpg (122876 bytes)  68 curvy tree at pyramid.jpg (114780 bytes)  

81 frog.jpg (80013 bytes)  79 concentric fungus.jpg (133804 bytes)  11 decomposing log.jpg (149828 bytes)

These pictures of the dunes show more of a grassland environment scattered with large sandy patches.

45 hillside.jpg (117684 bytes)  46 hillside.jpg (81720 bytes)  48 hillside.jpg (121088 bytes)  49 hillside view.jpg (77132 bytes)  50 hillside view.jpg (111954 bytes)  52 hillside view.jpg (82239 bytes) 

Eventually, we reached this interesting lookout point where one could enjoy a view of Lake Michigan from high above.

 56 lookout tree.jpg (133889 bytes)  58 me and lookout tree.jpg (100675 bytes)  

Here is the view from directly below the lookout.  We ran down the trail in the middle of the hill.  The second picture is the shoreline if you were to turn your head to the right.

61 hill we went down from lookout.jpg (82308 bytes)  62 shoreline below lookout.jpg (83126 bytes) 

Here are some views of the trees directly above the shoreline as we walked further along the beach.

63 dead tree interesting shape.jpg (112950 bytes)  66 way up to pyramid.jpg (100795 bytes)



Photos from my trip to the Saugatuck Dunes in MI in October 1999

This was my first time visiting the dunes.  Matt took me to his favorite spots.  Unlike the ones above, these photos were taken with 35mm film and were scanned into digital format.











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