My Drawings

My drawings are created in graphite, charcoal, felt-tipped markers and colored pencils.  Below are some samples from each media.

Below are examples of my drawings.  Click on each thumbnail for a larger view.

This piece was done on a 4 X 4' piece of paper.  At the time, it was the largest artwork I had ever made.  In the center is an eyeball, in which a graphite self-portrait is the pupil.  Encircling the eye is a tree and dragon.  Aluminum foil and waxed paper circles decorate the background.

Self-Portrait, 1995

This is a graphite drawing I did in my Elements of Design course at the RC College at U of M Ann Arbor.  We were studying perspective.  This was an actual hallway and drinking fountain right outside my classroom.  I sat there the whole time I drew it.

water fountain of the future.jpg (60556 bytes)
Drinking Fountain
of the Future, 1995


During one of my drawing courses at U of M, we spent a lot of time drawing boxes covered with sheets and other white objects.  I didn't like it too much, but looking back, I know I really improved my ability to see small gradations in value.  I can also draw angles more accurately when replicating real-life scenes.

charcoal 1.jpg (73487 bytes) charcoal 2.jpg (68358 bytes) charcoal 3.jpg (76360 bytes) charcoal 4.jpg (67970 bytes)
Charcoal drawings of sheet-covered boxes and other objects, 1996


For a couple of my drawing classes, we had live nude models to draw.  Figure drawing is one area I could use more practice in, but this was one of my better ones.

charcoal woman.jpg (60205 bytes)
Nude woman in charcoal, 1995


These are examples of my felt-tipped marker line designs.  When I go to camping/music festivals, it is very easy to bring a sketchbook and markers, so all of these were created outdoors.  None are pre-planned (except for the fact that I wanted the first one to read "Zappa") and are pretty much just random doodles.

zappa line drawing.jpg (80885 bytes) sharpie marker creature.jpg (76021 bytes) creature.jpg (67255 bytes)
stalkcreature.jpg (65810 bytes) design copy.jpg (93031 bytes)
creatureplant.jpg (78372 bytes)
Various felt-tipped marker designs, 2001-2003


This is an abstract colored pencil drawing I made for a friend.

abstract drawing.jpg (123796 bytes)
Abstract Colored Pencil 
Drawing, 1999
Animation created in October 2006



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