My Framed Assemblages

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"Natural Computations," April 2017

This is the first framed assemblage I have created.  It is photographed without its frame.  However, it fits within a glass-front frame so it won't get dusty.  Dust has been a problem with my other transformations and sculptural works, and I've actually had to throw some away because they couldn't be restored to their original condition, so I thought it would be a good idea to create something that could be protected within a frame.

I have many unusual, found, natural items stored away, as well as a box of broken electronics to be used for circuit boards.  I decided to combine both elements in this work.  It is nice to be able to enjoy the natural objects I have collected, rather than have them stored away, unseen.  Surprisingly, removing the circuit boards from the electronics in one piece was one of the most labor-intensive parts of this work.  The other difficult part was dealing with some of the intricacies, like the thin wires connecting the eggshells to the wasp nests.  I used tweezers for these and some other delicate attachments. 

One of the most special natural items is the Imperial Moth pupa from the spring of 2015, near the bottom center of the piece.  The emerged moth can be seen here.  I also really like the uniqueness of the snapping turtle bones, which are the only type of bones used. 





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