My Pyrography (Woodburning)

In the fall of 1999, I met an artist from Holland, MI that was really into pyrographics.  I had never even thought about using woodburning to express my ideas.  After trying it, I found that I really enjoyed this media.  It was so relaxing because one has to go slower than drawing because it takes more time to burn wood than to spread ink or graphite. 

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Vegetanimal from Outer Space Cross-Section

The Vegetanimal started out as a papier maché project I did in the spring of 2004.  In January 2006, I created a watercolor featuring the Vegetanimal.  This time, I created a woodburning that is meant to represent a cross-section through the Vegetanimal, revealing the interior make-up of this unusual creature/plant.  It was completed on October 22, 2006.









My third project was to take on the door to my den.  It was unfinished wood and I never got around to staining it and finishing it, so I figured, why not make it into a work of art instead.  In addition to the woodburned designs on the door, it is also adorned with other natural objects such as feathers, fur, wasp nests, a deer jaw bone and teeth, sponges, shells and seed pods.  It also contains two built-in planters at the bottom of the door that hold two living plants.  I did most of it in 2000 and then there were still some empty spaces I thought would look better filled in.  So in December 2003, I filled in those areas and I think it's finally complete.  Although most of the shapes are pretty abstract, near the center is a region with a lot of animals of my own creation.  The part near the lower left looks like a digestive system.  God's Eye appears near the upper left, shooting out symbols of my own design.  Near the bottom right is a trilobite of my own design.  I also took some really interesting photographs of a Polyphemus Moth as well as a Pandora Shinx Moth on this door .

door.jpg (129328 bytes)
Whole door 


door lower portion.jpg (124360 bytes)
Lower Portion
door midsection.jpg (100750 bytes)
door top natural attachments closeup.jpg (93245 bytes)
Top Portion 
door animals closeup.jpg (95953 bytes)
Close-up of animals
animals supercloseup.jpg (118662 bytes)
Super Close-up of animals
trilobite closeup.jpg (148576 bytes)
Trilobite Close-up
left stomach and bladder closeup.jpg (143339 bytes)
First stomach close-up
(left side)


bottom stomach.jpg (119747 bytes)
 Second stomach close-up (bottom left)
spiral closeup.jpg (142582 bytes)
Spiral close-up(middle left)
gods eye closeup.jpg (116395 bytes)
God's Eye close-up (upper left)
butterflies and mushrooms with rainbow.jpg (122584 bytes)
Mushrooms and butterflies (upper right).  Also shows rainbow from a prism in my window.
urchin spiral closeup.jpg (128347 bytes)
Sea urchin with Darwin fur surrounded by woodburned spiral (lower middle)
wasp nest sponge with fur.jpg (119440 bytes)
Wasp nest in rabbit fur, sponge with Darwin fur and bluejay feather (top)


Wood Slices

These are my first attempts at woodburning.

first woodburning.jpg (106378 bytes) woodburning 2.jpg (120867 bytes)
Woodburned slices, 2000



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