Family Artwork

While no one in my family has ever been a full-time artist, many of us have been creative in our spare time.  My dad's creativity is expressed in the work he does on houses and cars.  He used to restore classic cars, but more recently, his spare time is used for home improvement projects.  He has helped me put in wood floors and is an expert at installing crown molding (the right way---no joining segments in between), not to mention many other small projects.  He also does flawless drywall work and is an excellent house-painter.  My mom did one small oil painting many years ago (we can't find it right now, but it will be posted up here as soon as we do).  She has been known to make very elaborate cakes in different shapes and designs.  These days, she uses her creativity to decorate the interior of our homes.  She's always full of great ideas and has the ability and expertise to carry out the larger projects, such as laying ceramic tile.


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The Art of Elia Kozikowski

My great uncle Elia Kozikowski (my dad's mother's father's brother) was a painter.  Currently, the paintings below are owned by his daughter Arlene, but I had the chance to view and photograph them on Christmas Day 2008.  The painting of the man was removed from its frame before photographing.  The first photo was taken with a flash, but the rest were not.  Unfortunately, the painting of the woman was behind glass enclosed by a frame with a paper backing, so I got the best results with no flash.  The first photo is with the flash and probably shows the most accurate colors.  I had to adjust all of the no-flash photos.








The Art of my Grandma Mary

My grandmother used to do a lot of needlework and crochet.  Here are some photos of some of her needlework.








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