My Hagen-Renaker Animal Figurine Collection

I don't remember when I started collecting these, but I know I was quite young, probably elementary school age.  I took some group photos of each category of animals as well as a few individual ones of my favorites.

Click on each thumbnail to view the larger image.  Be patient---they are rather large so that you can see the details.

birds and sea creatures.jpg (82725 bytes)
Birds and sea creatures
wild land animals.jpg (90391 bytes)
Wild animals
farm animals and cats.jpg (98635 bytes)
Farm animals and cats
dogs.jpg (78893 bytes)
reptiles, amphibians, mollusks.jpg (78640 bytes)
Reptiles, amphibians and molluscs
band members.jpg (73983 bytes)
Music-related figurines


Photos of Favorite Individual Pieces:

bluefooted boobie.jpg (82430 bytes)
Blue-footed boobie, produced by HR but never sold at retail level.
blueshelled snail.jpg (70289 bytes)
Designed by Helen Perrin Farnlund, variation of issued colors.  Issued spring of 1964, discontinued in 1975.  Model A-487.
caterpillar and clarinet.jpg (84888 bytes)
Caterpillar with clarinet.
caterpillars.jpg (77366 bytes)
Old caterpillar mom and baby (1950's?), orange caterpillar mama (model A-37) made in 1960 and 1970 only.
old goats and milk.jpg (88888 bytes)
These are some of the first HR's to come out.  I inherited these three figurines from my great grandmother.
warthog.jpg (87904 bytes)
Warthog, made from Spring 1995 to Spring 1996.


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