My Trilobite Collection

Trilobites are more than 300 million years old.  They were creatures similar to the horseshoe crabs of today and they once filled our oceans.  They are known to us only as fossils.  Here you will find some of my favorite trilobites in my collection listed in alphabetical order by genus.  I have listed some basic information about each specimen.  The background picture you see here is a trilobite wood-burning I created as part of a design on the door to my den.  Click here to see the whole woodburned door.  Pysanky is the Ukrainian art of dyeing eggs.  Click here to see the ostrich egg pysanka I made with a trilobite design.  To learn more about trilobites in general, click here to visit an informative website.


Trilobite Quick-links:

Agnostus interstrictus

Asaphus delphinus

Asaphus kotlukovi

Asaphus kowalewski

 Asaphus lepidurus


Calyptaulax calicephalus


Cybele panderi






Flexicalymene retorsa

Flexicalymene senaria

Hoplolichas furcifer




Illaenus ladogensis

Illaenus tauricornus

Metacanthina issoumourensis








Click on each thumbnail to see a larger view.

trilobites 6-04 full view.jpg (79567 bytes)
This photo shows many of my trilobites displayed together.



Individual Specimens:

agnostus interstrictus.jpg (895104 bytes)
Agnostus interstrictus (White), 1/4 inch long
Middle Cambrian
Wheeler Shale, Millard County, Utah


asaphus delphinus double.jpg (38630 bytes)  asaphus delphinus single 1.jpg (44039 bytes)  asaphus delphinus single 2.jpg (44133 bytes)
Asaphus delphinus, 4.2 and 4.3 inches long


asaphus kotlukovi real 2.jpg (68798 bytes)  asaphus kotlukovi real 1.jpg (46906 bytes)  asaphus kotlukovi real 3.jpg (41812 bytes)
Asaphus kotlukovi with spherical cystoid, 4 inches long
Middle Ordovican
Asery level
Volchow plateau near St. Petersburg, Russia


asaphus kotlukovi large.jpg (48537 bytes)   asaphus kotlukovi large 2.jpg (47139 bytes)
Asaphus kowalewski, 3.4 inches long not including eyestalks
Middle Ordovican
Volchow plateau near St. Petersburg, Russia


asaphus kotlukovi double.jpg (40286 bytes)  asaphus kotlukovi double 2.jpg (38844 bytes)
Asaphus kowalewski, 2.3 and 1.5 inches long not including eyestalks
Middle Ordovican
Volchow plateau near St. Petersburg, Russia


asaphus lepidurus back full view.jpg (121741 bytes)  asaphus lepidurus back full view 2.jpg (147480 bytes)  asaphus lepidurus side full view.jpg (134534 bytes)
asaphus lepidurus front closeup.jpg (111081 bytes)  asaphus lepidurus back closeup.jpg (113305 bytes)  asaphus lepidurus back closeup eyes not in focus.jpg (106691 bytes)  asaphus lepidurus brachiopod closeup.jpg (108583 bytes)  
Asaphus lepidurus, about 2 inches long, with accompanying brachiopod
Kunda level, Arenigian horizon
Lower Ordovican
Wolchow river


Calyptaulax calicephalus (two heads visible, one on each side of the matrix)
Matrix corner measures 1 3/4" X 1 1/2"
Middle Ordovican of the Lake Simcoe Area
Middle level of the Verulam Layer of the James Dick Quarry
Gamebridge, Ontario, Canada, 2008
cybele 2.jpg (45227 bytes)  cybele.jpg (42344 bytes)
Cybele panderi, 2.9 inches not including eyestalks
Middle Ordovican
Volchow river region near St. Petersburg, Russia


cyphaspis plate.jpg (59504 bytes)  cyphaspis enlarged.jpg (66491 bytes)
Devonian (350-395 million years ago)
drotops 1.jpg (50411 bytes)  drotops 2.jpg (53469 bytes)


Flexicalymene bryozoan 1.jpg (28491 bytes)  Flexicalymene bryozoan 2.jpg (20056 bytes)  Flexicalymene bryozoan 3.jpg (19560 bytes)
Flexicalymene bryozoan 4.jpg (27382 bytes)  Flexicalymene bryozoan 5.jpg (30583 bytes)  Flexicalymene bryozoan 6.jpg (21810 bytes)
Flexicalymene retorsa terminal-molt trilobite with trepostome bryozoan
Upper Ordovican Cincinnatian series
Dillsboro Formation in Franklin Co., Indiana
Photography and information below courtesy of Jerry Rush
Click to read more about this amazing specimen.


flexicalymene retorsa double 1.jpg (35236 bytes)  flexicalymene retorsa double 2.jpg (40173 bytes)
Flexicalymene retorsa, prone one is 1 1/8 inches long
Mt. Orab, Ohio


Flexicalymene senaria (two specimens, top is 5/8" wide and bottom is 3/4" wide)
Middle Ordovican of the Lake Simcoe Area
Upper level of the Verulam Layer of the James Dick Quarry
Gamebridge, Ontario, Canada, 2008


hoplolichas flash on low res.jpg (38480 bytes)  hoplolichas flash off.jpg (42663 bytes)  hoplolichas top flash off.jpg (45746 bytes)  hoplolichas top flash on.jpg (47207 bytes)
Hoplolichas furcifer, 2.2 inches long
St. Petersburg, Russia


huntonia.jpg (45823 bytes)  huntonia 2.jpg (45047 bytes)


illaneus ladogensis.jpg (37938 bytes)  illaneus ladogensis 2.jpg (42962 bytes)
Illaenus ladogensis with cystoid


illaneus tauricornus.jpg (42728 bytes)  illaneus tauricornus 2.jpg (45491 bytes)  illaneus tauricornus back.jpg (37992 bytes)
Illaenus tauricornus, 2.5 inches long
Middle Ordovican
Asery Level
Wolhow River near St. Petersburg, Russia


metacanthinas plate.jpg (39220 bytes)  metacanthinas.jpg (54352 bytes)
Metacanthina issoumourensis, outstretched example is 1.4 inches long
Devonian (350-395 million years ago)
AM Limestone in Morocco


paradoxides trio.jpg (81591 bytes)
Paradoxides, 3 specimens, each about 10 inches long


paralejurus 1.jpg (36148 bytes)  paralejurus 2.jpg (40940 bytes)
Devonian (350-395 million years ago)
Alnif, Southeast of Morocco


phacops possibly.jpg (44660 bytes)
My dad gave this one to me when I was young.  It is the catalyst that inspired the collection.


remopleurides ebay curled.jpg (46366 bytes)  remopleurides ebay tail.jpg (51932 bytes)  remopleurides ebay side.jpg (45965 bytes)  remopleurides ebay head.jpg (41076 bytes)
Middle Ordovican
Asery level
Wolhow River near St. Petersburg, Russia
photography by J. Kaste, geologist



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