My Rock and Mineral Collection

Below are pictures and descriptions (when known) of rocks and minerals in my collection.  Click on each thumbnail for a larger view.

rock collection.jpg (79238 bytes)
This picture shows the majority of my collection displayed on two of my ceramic incense burners.



Individual Specimens:

Ocean Jasper chunk
Ocean Jasper slice
vanadinite.jpg (121150 bytes)  vanadinite closeup.jpg (144132 bytes)
Mibladen, Morocco


pyromorphite flash.jpg (98454 bytes)  pyromorphite no flash.jpg (86356 bytes)
Pyromorphite (also called campylite when it appears as barrel-shaped crystals like the specimen above)
Guanxi, China


Malachite no flash.jpg (91960 bytes)  Malachite flash.jpg (89610 bytes)


three unusual patterned rocks.jpg (135854 bytes)
Hieroglyphic Stones
The lines and markings that look like hieroglyphics on these stones are actually ancient petrified plant life.  The light colored markings are made of jasper.  When the ancient plants preserved in these stones died and fell to the ground, they were covered by a red clay rich in silica.  Jasper, a silica-rich mineral, replaced the carbon in the plants and fossilized them.  The hardened red clay that surrounds the petrified plant life is soft and can be scratched with a knife.  


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