Memorabilia from Cypress Knee Attractions


This page is dedicated to memorabilia from various cypress knee attractions in the southern U.S. other than the Tom Gaskins Cypress Knee museum.

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Cypress Gardens Postcards and Brochures



























Reelfoot Lake Postcards





Fold-out booklet from 1962:






Eagle's Nest, Clearwater-Belleair, FL

houndcypressknee.jpg (330742 bytes)
Unused postcard, date unknown (before 1951 since it says on back to use 1-cent stamp)
On the back, the postcard states the following:
Animal or Vegetable?
-This hideous object suggestive of "Cerberus" of ancient Mythology or "The Hound of the Baskervilles" of modern fiction, is an unusual form of vegetable growth occasionally found at the foot of the cypress tree and locally called cypress "knees."
-This specimen, blackened by age, which may well be over 200 years was found near Lakeland by an early pioneer---passed on thru several generations to its present ownership.
-Note traces of bullet marks in neck indicating that early hunters were deceived by its weird resemblance to some living quadruped.
"C.T. Photo-Colorit," made only by Curt Teich & Co., Inc., Chicago, U.S.A.



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