My Ephemera, Nostalgia, and Antiques Collection

Welcome to my Ephemera, Nostalgia, Antiques, etc. page.  If you arrived at this page through a search engine, be sure to check out my Other Collections.  

I am in the process of photographing each item individually.  They are sorted by category below.  Sorry, none of these items are available for sale.

Simply click on the picture or words of each category to see items of that type.

Vintage Tape Measures


fiyt photo sharpened middle.jpg (129934 bytes)

Frog in Your Throat Products


dr scholls foot soap front.jpg (94118 bytes)
Dr. Scholl's and
Other Foot Products
doans pills.jpg (160889 bytes)
great grandma compact side 1 opened.jpg (90946 bytes)
Health and Beauty
morton salt tiny front.jpg (76418 bytes)
Kitchen items
scotch tape tins.jpg (123542 bytes)
Household Maintenance
and Repair
Car-related items


Chevrolet Perfume
and Cologne Samples
snoz front.jpg (144631 bytes)


Stuffed Animals


queen anne lighter.jpg (143291 bytes)
Tobacco-related items


Miscellaneous Ephemera


Here are some pictures of entire shelves of my collectibles.  Click on each thumbnail to see an enlarged view.

antiques shelf 1.jpg (182331 bytes)  antiques shelf 2.jpg (182308 bytes)

  antiques shelf 3.jpg (132235 bytes) 


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