My Best Friends from Years Past 

This page is dedicated to my best friends from years past---the four dogs that brightened my days.  They have since passed on, but their memories remain...

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Sambo (April 27, 1968 - October 30, 1983)

sambo 1968.jpg (127508 bytes)
1968.  Sambo as a puppy.  She was a poodle.
samboandcriboct1975.jpg (134233 bytes)  1975octsambo.jpg (116660 bytes)
The first picture shows Sambo on our back porch by my crib in October 1975.  The second photo shows Sambo and me on the couch.  
1978jansambo1.jpg (134838 bytes)  1978jansambo2.jpg (127228 bytes)
Sambo and me in January 1978.
1978juneicecream1.jpg (130448 bytes)  1978juneicecream2.jpg (120535 bytes)
Sambo and me with ice cream in June 1978.
samboandifeb1980.jpg (130243 bytes)
Sambo and me February 1980.
samboandifall1980.jpg (151002 bytes)
Sambo and me in the fall of 1980.
Sambo and Holly (described below) in the summer of 1983.

Holly By Golly (June 1, 1983 - August 8, 1984)

1983hollyaspuppy.jpg (144009 bytes)
1983.  Evansville, OH.  Here I am with Holly by Golly, my first puppy, a Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier, an Irish breed of dog.  They weren't a very popular breed at the time, so we had to drive about 6 hours to get her from a breeder.
1984hollyandheather.jpg (143977 bytes)
Winter 83-84.  Holly lying behind our new puppy, Heather O' Halloween, also a Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier.  Interestingly enough, Heather was born on the day after Sambo was put to sleep (but we hadn't purchased her until about 8 weeks later).  Here you can see the remarkable difference between the dark puppy coat and the more wheat-colored adult coat.
1984hollyandi.jpg (137204 bytes)   
Holly and me in the late fall/early winter of 1983.
holly1984.jpg (115121 bytes)
Spring 1984.  Holly after a brushing.  I enjoyed brushing her hair so she looked elegant like this.  Sadly, Holly was hit and killed by a car not long after this picture was taken.
Here's a poem that my mom and I wrote about Holly and put on her grave-marker in the backyard:
Holly by Golly
Left us today.
She left us with memories
Of her playful way.
She liked to talk,
And she liked to bark,
And then one day,
Took off on a lark.
Never to talk or bark again,
We have lost a very good friend.

Heather O'Halloween (October 30, 1983 - March 1997)

heatherspring86.jpg (112589 bytes)  1986leavesandheather.jpg (169451 bytes)
1986heatherandtoad.jpg (108216 bytes)    1986heatherinbed.jpg (154211 bytes)
1986.  Heather by the piano.  Heather and me in the leaves.  Heather interacting with my toad.  Heather lying in my bed. 
3-29-88heatherandpuppies.jpg (111463 bytes)
March 29, 1988.  Heather had a litter of six puppies---three males and three females.  It was such a wonderful experience that I will never forget.  I was lucky enough to have captured much of the development of the puppies on a VHS tape.
3-29-88heatherandpuppiesnursing.jpg (126629 bytes)
The puppies are a few days old in this picture.  The second puppy from the left has a "T" on his chest so we had nicknamed him "Mr. T."  We kept one of the female puppies that was nicknamed "Big Girl" since she was the largest female.  We later named her "Sweeties."

Sweeties McPea (March 29, 1988 - May 21, 2004)

1988sweetiestire.jpg (140442 bytes)  1988sweetiestoiletpaper.jpg (109829 bytes)
Summer, 1988.  Sweeties swinging in a tire on my swingset.  Sweeties and her bad habit of shredding toilet paper.
1989winterheather.jpg (137948 bytes)  1989winterheatherandsweeties.jpg (115469 bytes)  1989sweetiespiano.jpg (152255 bytes)
Winter, 1988.  Heather with a straw hat.  Heather and Sweeties in front of the piano.  Sweeties "playing" piano.
1989summersweeties.jpg (115646 bytes)  1989summerheather.jpg (141225 bytes)  1989summerdogs.jpg (158046 bytes)
Summer, 1989.  Sweeties swinging in a tire.  Heather with sunglasses and a shirt.  Heather and Sweeties with country-western attire.
1990junesweeties.jpg (153854 bytes)
June, 1990.  Sweeties in the bathroom.
Spring, 1992.  Sweeties with her pink hairdo.
1992fallheather.jpg (113057 bytes)  1992fallsweeties.jpg (126408 bytes)
Fall, 1992.  Heather and Sweeties.  I took, developed and printed these photos in my high school photography class.
1995wintersweeties.jpg (132907 bytes)  1995momdarwinsweeties.jpg (157894 bytes)  all3dogs95.jpg (140970 bytes)
Jan/Feb 1995.  We acquired Darwin (abandoned by his owners) in October 1994. The first picture shows Sweeties laying on the floor.  The second is of Sweeties, Darwin and my mom.  The last picture shows Darwin in back, Heather in the middle, and Sweeties in the front, obviously begging for something.
1996wintersweetiesanddarwin.jpg (128891 bytes)
Winter 1997.  Darwin and Sweeties.

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