My Pet Tortoises

I currently have three box tortoises.  Two are considered common box tortoises.  One is a female three-toed box tortoise (Terrapene carolina triunguis) that I've had since 1998.  Her name is Carolina.  The other is a male Eastern box tortoise (Terrapene carolina carolina) named Bob.  I adopted Bob from Evan Becigneul, the grandson of Carol Wilczynski who is also a "rock hound" like myself.  The third tortoise is a female Russian or Horsfield's box tortoise (Testudo (Agrionemys) horsfieldii).  Her name is Bobber because she always bobs her head.  My tortoises are the luckiest captive tortoises ever.  They get to roam freely on the first floor of my home.  They aren't too messy to clean up after so I figure they don't need to be kept in a cage (they usually do their business right in the sink at feeding time).  One problem I've had up until recently is the drying out of their skin.  I run humidifiers to keep the air moist in the house and have used vegetable oils to help soften their skin.  I don't normally endorse products, but nothing has worked as well as the product I just recently discovered called VitaShell, made by TetraFauna.  After just one application, there was a noticeable improvement.  I've only applied it four times, once a week and their skin and shells look much healthier.  To learn more about box tortoises living naturally in the United States, click here.  I found out that a lot of Russian tortoises go through torturous conditions to get here, so I'm not sure I would ever buy one again.  Click here to read about the Russian tortoise trade.

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tortoises and toads 3-03.jpg (85654 bytes)  
Bob, Carolina and Bobber with Big Mama and Frank in March 2003
bob 2003.jpg (61927 bytes)  bob 2003 closeup.jpg (68971 bytes)
Bob in 2003
Bob in May 2004
Bobber and Carolina eating in May 2004
Carolina full body side view facing left.jpg (120758 bytes)  Carolina side view facing left.jpg (115751 bytes)
Carolina looking forward closeup.jpg (98311 bytes)  Carolina looking forward closeup 2.jpg (122790 bytes)
Carolina in 2004
Bob on 10-2-05 under a trilobite specimen.
carolina dragging bob right cropped.jpg (128324 bytes)  carolina dragging bob forward cropped.jpg (104409 bytes)  carolina dragging bob left.jpg (105338 bytes)
Bob trying to mate with an unwilling Carolina in January 2006
bobber 3-26-06.jpg (106751 bytes)  bobber 3-26-06 front view.jpg (123309 bytes)  bobber 3-26-06 walking away.jpg (130293 bytes)
Bobber on March 26, 2006
 bob 3-26-06.jpg (117695 bytes)
Bob on March 26,2006


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