My High School Art Lesson Plans

(also suitable for Middle School)

Level 1


Hi, I'm a high school teacher and artist.  I was fortunate enough to be able to teach one year of the subject I'm most passionate about---art, before I was transferred to other disciplines, currently Algebra and Geometry.  Below are the lesson plans that I created for my high school art level 1 students during the 2003-2004 semester.  Teachers --- feel free to use them as a resource in your classroom.

You may also find some ideas for your class by perusing My Artwork.


Click on each link to view the document in Microsoft Word.  Some documents are in jpeg format because parts were created by hand.  You can also see larger views of the student artwork by clicking on each thumbnail.  All lessons are presented in the order in which they were taught.  Not all lessons of each unit are present on these pages.  My lessons also sometimes accompany reading material found in the book, Art Talk, by Rosalind Ragans.


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Unit 1:  Graphite and Values

This project involved the creation of an enlarged drawing of a pre-existing picture chosen by the student.  At least four values of graphite were required.

Measuring Practice Worksheet

Values Practice Worksheet

Symmetrical Frog Completion Exercise

Grid Drawing and Values Project Sheet

Grid Drawing Box Size Determination Flow Chart

Grid Drawing and Values Assessment Sheet

Student Artwork:

baby tiger dana.jpg (121736 bytes)  grid et brittany samel.jpg (85903 bytes)  grid tiger.jpg (100794 bytes)  japanese house gary.jpg (94505 bytes)  pencil singer jeff.jpg (95230 bytes)  skateboarder 2 jovan.jpg (102257 bytes)  grid lion.jpg (141760 bytes)


Unit 2:  Colored Pencil and Emphasis 

This project involved the creation of a colored pencil drawing that demonstrated an area of emphasis using one of the five methods discussed in class.

Colored Pencil Values Practice Worksheet

Emphasis Reading Questions

Emphasis Sketches Project Sheet

Emphasis Sketches Assessment Sheet

Emphasis Drawing in Colored Pencil Project Sheet

Emphasis Drawing in Colored Pencil Assessment Sheet

Student Artwork:

car lance.jpg (100942 bytes)  colored pencil mandala roger.jpg (119960 bytes)  compass daisies dana.jpg (80276 bytes)  emphasis u of m football player chris.jpg (143224 bytes)  emphasis zeppelin claire.jpg (128887 bytes)  emphasis drawing guitar katie.jpg (92341 bytes)  colored pencil fairy sonya.jpg (118011 bytes)


Unit 3:  Pattern, Rhythm and Movement

Pattern, Rhythm and Movement Reading Questions

Pattern Project Sheet

Pattern Assessment Sheet

Student Artwork:

dana pattern.jpg (154513 bytes)  gary pattern.jpg (173436 bytes)  jovan pattern.jpg (133989 bytes)  melissa pattern.jpg (149751 bytes)  pattern project heather.jpg (148492 bytes)


Unit 4Oil Pastel

Through the use of a solvent-moistened Q-tip like a paint brush, working in oil pastels can act as a bridge to acrylic painting, although not all artists chose to use them---the last artist had a unique approach of first drawing in colored oil-pastel, then covering them in black oil pastel, then using a scratching tool to create art similar to a scratchboard.

Oil Pastel Project Sheet

Oil Pastel Assessment Sheet

fish and lighthouse jodi.jpg (108686 bytes)  hummingbird tristina.jpg (90529 bytes)  rainbow on water textural kristie.jpg (80776 bytes)   


Unit 5:  Acrylic Painting using a Color Scheme

For the final project, students were required to use one of the six color schemes discussed in class to create an acrylic painting on gesso-covered paper.

Introduction to Acrylics Handout --- discussed as a group during class

Acrylic Painting Quiz --- must pass in order to use supplies

Acrylic Painting Values Practice Handout

Color Schemes Reading Questions

Complementary Colors Project Sheet

Color Scheme Acrylic Painting Project Sheet

Preparing Gesso-covered Paper Instructional Sheet

Color Scheme Acrylic Painting Assessment Sheet

Student Artwork:

acrylic on paper s design cool shannon.jpg (151698 bytes)  acrylic on paper hummingbird sue.jpg (120237 bytes)  abstract with warm contrast against cool heather.jpg (123068 bytes)


Unit 6:  Clay

Introduction to Clay Reading Text

Introduction to Clay Reading Questions

Clay Demonstration Outline

Clay Project Sheet

Clay Project Assessment Sheet

Student Artwork:

cosmic candle holder kayla.jpg (89339 bytes)  vase with flower mike.jpg (79682 bytes)  vase vanessa.jpg (83191 bytes)  flame goblet kenny.jpg (96941 bytes)  head mug jodi.jpg (99591 bytes)  carebear slab jenny.jpg (93922 bytes)  incense hand chris.jpg (99134 bytes)  piggy bank dana.jpg (132574 bytes)  tree incense burner lance.jpg (102274 bytes)  dog bowl paw prints amber.jpg (136182 bytes)  angel jenny.jpg (110252 bytes)  teapot side view heather.jpg (98766 bytes)                   


Extra Credit:  Oregami (Origami) Polyhedron Project

This project involved the creation of basic units, which could then be assembled in different ways to create a variety of 3-D paper sculptures.  The larger ones pictured require the assembly of 12 units.  I learned how to make these from a student in one of my geometry classes.  The students loved them so much that they were teaching their friends who didn't have an art class.  Soon they were all over the school!  My student assistant, pictured below, helped me hang them all around the room.  It looked awesome.

Here is a website that shows how to create and assemble the units:

assistant John hanging polyhedrons.jpg (172943 bytes)


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