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George Clinton at the Detroit CityFest 2008

George Clinton played in Detroit on July 6, 2008.  I last saw him on September 16, 2007 at the Royal Oak Music Theater.  While I love outdoor concerts, this one was rather poorly planned, as far as capacity goes.  One would have had to stake out a place early in the day to get a chance to actually be able to see the stage.  That was impossible for me because I don't handle the heat well and it was right out in the open in the sun.  It was about 84 degrees Fahrenheit, but it seemed hotter in the sun.  It was so crowded that people were standing in a parking garage trying to get a place to see/hear the show.  We ended up finding a place to stand behind the stage in the shade under a nice walnut tree.  I could hear the show pretty well and didn't even need my ear protection.  It would have been nice to see them playing, but I did snap a few pictures with my cheap camera while I was there.  Some are of a guy from the band wearing a diaper, which I thought was pretty funny so I had to take some pictures.  The others are of George as he walked down from the stage and went onto the tour bus.





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