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Meadow Katydid, Genus Orchelimum

Specimen #1

This type of katydid seems to be very abundant at my new house.  They are everywhere in the backyard.  They make their sounds during the day and early evening.  This one was photographed on September 5, 2009.








Common Katydid

Specimen #2 (female)

Brian found this katydid in the front yard.  I photographed it indoors on July 25, 2007 (I knew I'd lose it quite quickly outdoors).  It is a female---you can tell by the large ovipositor (egg-depositing device) at the end of her abdomen.










Specimen #1 (female)

I found many katydids on the evening of July 28th and 29th, 2006, while camping in Nelson, OH.  I had always thought that katydids were only active during the day.  That is when I have always seen them.  They were strongly attracted to the lantern though.  I had three of them there at one time!  I photographed the one below on a rainy night.  It actually laid an egg while I was taking pictures (look at the last two photos).  It was very difficult to photograph because it was so dark outside.  I could barely see if it was in the viewfinder or not, so a lot of photos don't have the full katydid in view.

katydid climbing up tree hind leg cut off 2.jpg (135012 bytes)    katydid climbing up tree almost full view.jpg (140634 bytes)  katydid climbing up tree head in focus 2.jpg (133577 bytes)  katydid climbing up tree head in focus.jpg (138215 bytes)

katydid climbing up tree almost full view 2.jpg (127841 bytes)  katydid climbing up tree spider web in bkg 2.jpg (137479 bytes)  katydid climbing up tree spider web in bkg.jpg (130184 bytes)  katydid climbing up tree with millipede.jpg (145891 bytes)

katydid climbing up tree.jpg (164228 bytes)  katydid hiding.jpg (132659 bytes)  katydid laying egg.jpg (149358 bytes)  katydid laying egg part 2.jpg (140409 bytes)


Broad-Winged Katydid or Angle-Winged Katydid, Microcentrum rhombifolium

Specimen #4 (Male)

July 13, 2012




July 15, 2012






Specimen #3 (female)

My mom found this nice katydid (well, actually, Motley the cat did, but she retrieved it from him).  I photographed her on two of my mom's dahlia flowers.  She was photographed on October 9, 2010.









Before releasing her, I fattened her up on greens and took more photos of her on a cone flower and oregano flowers on October 13, 2010.  Then I set her free in the garden, where I could hear a male singing.







Specimen #2 (male)

This katydid was on my truck in a parking garage on September 9, 2007.  I decided to take it home and photograph it the next day.







Specimen #1 (male)

A student brought in this beautiful katydid for me on September 24, 2004.  The last photograph is a close-up of its wing.

katydid abdomen view.jpg (125881 bytes)  leaf katydid three quarter view.jpg (112817 bytes)  cleaning katydid side view.jpg (104201 bytes)  katydid facing left.jpg (93442 bytes)  closeup of wing pores.jpg (165349 bytes)



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