Ephemera Collection:  Dolls

Welcome to my dolls collection page.  I didn't have too many dolls, as I preferred stuffed animals as a child.  Here are photographs of most of my childhood dolls.

Click on each thumbnail for an enlarged view of each item.

Me with my doll, "Shaggy Mae"
1st place winner of the Most Unusual Doll Contest
at Wonderland Mall, May 1977
Raggedy Andy doll.
I can't remember who made this doll for me, but I had it since I was very young.
Knickerbocker Raggedy Andy doll.
Fisher Price lapsitter doll, Elizabeth, #205.  Copyright 1973.
This was one of my very first dolls.  I am pictured with her in November 1975.
Fisher Price lapsitter doll, Mary, #200.  Copyright 1973.
Fisher Price lapsitter doll, Ann, #204.  Copyright 1973.
I am not sure what happened to her clothes.  If they were removable, I would always take them off and re-dress them.
Life-sized Horsman doll, copyright 1974.
Effanbee doll, copyright 1971.


"Grandpa" from the Mattel Sunshine Fun Family Dolls.  Copyright 1975.
9 1/2" tall.
I don't think these are his original clothes.
"Steve", the dad, from the Mattel Sunshine Fun Family Dolls.  Copyright 1975.
9 1/2" tall.
These are not his original clothes---I think they belonged to a Ken doll from the Barbie collection.


I know these have been around the house since the late 70's or early 80's.  They might be Holly Hobby or something.


I don't remember where this came from, but I know I have had it since the 80's.
This is my Cabbage Patch Kid.  I think I got this in 1985 or '86.


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