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Dr. Scholl's and Other Foot Products

Welcome to my Dr. Scholl's and Other Foot Products collection page.  Here you will find some very unique and interesting items, all related to the care of the feet.  I think it's neat that Dr. Scholl's is still the most common manufacturer of foot products.  Some of these products are still around today (although perhaps with a different formula).  

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dr scholls foot lotion front.jpg (113013 bytes)
Dr. Scholl's Foot Lotion
6 1/4" tall
Contents removed


dr scholls foot powder front.jpg (103960 bytes)  dr scholls foot powder back.jpg (105217 bytes)
Dr. Scholl's Foot Powder
6" tall
Half contents
Date unknown


dr scholls foot powder front 1948.jpg (105460 bytes)  dr scholls foot powder back 1948.jpg (105740 bytes)
Dr. Scholl's Foot Powder
3 7/8" tall
Full contents


dr scholls foot soap front.jpg (94118 bytes)  dr scholls foot soap back.jpg (113838 bytes)
Dr. Scholl's Granulated Foot Soap
5 3/16" tall
Half contents
Date unknown


dr scholls plantar massager.jpg (140330 bytes)
Dr. Scholl's Plantar Massager and Foot Strengthener
6" tall
Date unknown


dr scholls foot vibrator.JPG (49157 bytes)
Dr. Scholl's Foot Vibrator
5 7/8" in diameter
Working condition
Date unknown


dr scholls ligtone noflash.jpg (135661 bytes)  dr scholls ligtone flash.jpg (93677 bytes)
Dr. Scholl's Ligtone
blown glass bottle
6" tall
"This is a very effective liniment for relieving pain, inflammation and burning sensations caused by muscular or ligamentous strain.  Ligtone penetrates the underlying tissues readily and may be used with satisfactory results whenever a good liniment is required."---From the Dr. Scholls book below, pg. 46.


scholl's book.jpg (109140 bytes)  scholl's book back.jpg (97226 bytes)
Dr. Scholl's Book:  The Feet and Their Care
The World's Fair Edition, Chicago 1934
6 3/4 X 3 5/8"
Some pages from the book showing the Dr. Scholl's Product Line:
pedograph.jpg (133200 bytes)  pedographcloseup.jpg (137477 bytes)  footsheet2.jpg (115433 bytes)  footsheet1.jpg (142710 bytes)
Dr. Scholl's Pedo-Graph, The Silent Foot Analyst
15" long by 10" wide
Patented May 5, 1917 but sheets are dated 1938.


johnsons foot soap top.jpg (119669 bytes)  johnsons foot soap bottom.jpg (116533 bytes)
Johnson's Foot Soap
4 5/16" long
Date unknown


nyal easem front.jpg (124117 bytes)  nyal easem back.jpg (136145 bytes)
NYAL Eas'em
4 1/2" tall
Partial contents
1916 (date when packaging was adopted)


bauer and black corn pads.jpg (114126 bytes)  bauer and black corn pads back.jpg (123358 bytes)  bauer and black corn pads open box.jpg (116674 bytes)
Bauer and Black Corn Pads
2 7/16" long
Partial contents
Date unknown



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