Ephemera Collection:

Tobacco-Related Items

Welcome to my tobacco-related ephemera collection page.  Sorry, none of these items are available for sale.

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margarete's lighter.jpg (110306 bytes)  margarete's lighter closeup.jpg (122969 bytes)
Ronson Adonis Lighter and accessories
Date Unknown
This item belonged to my great aunt.
queen anne lighter and box.jpg (133141 bytes)  queen anne lighter.jpg (143291 bytes)
Ronson Queen Anne Lighter and box
Date Unknown
This item belonged to my great aunt.
marlboro front.jpg (148985 bytes)  marlboro side 1.jpg (80618 bytes)  marlboro back.jpg (157497 bytes)  marlboro side 2.jpg (121804 bytes)
Marlboro Cigarette Pack
Date Unknown
Only missing one cigarette from the pack.
lords front of box.jpg (148096 bytes)  lords back of box.jpg (153573 bytes)  lords inside of box.jpg (131357 bytes)
Lords Low Nicotine Cigarettes
Date Unknown
Box only
camel tire patch view 1.jpg (127090 bytes)  camel tire patch view 2.jpg (138414 bytes)  camel tire patch view 3.jpg (142683 bytes)  camel tire patch inside view.jpg (129363 bytes)
Camel Brand Cigarettes Tube Patch
Date Unknown
Rubber patch is rolled up and stuck to the inside of the container.  Tube of adhesive has been used.  Applicator tip also remains.


Loctite brand promotional ashtray

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