Photography of Paternal Relatives


Note:  I have described relatives below using their full names, if known, except in the case where they share my last name.  For these individuals, you will see an 'F.' in order to protect my anonymity on the internet.  I also removed the parts in the meat market photos that show our family name.

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Grandmother and Grandfather Together --- Walter and Mary F. (my dad's parents)

1945---Shortly after engagement

Grandfather - Walter F. (my dad's father)

This is the first photograph ever taken of Walter.  His mom, Anastasia, and dad, Joseph, are shown on the left side.  His Godparents, the Hanatiuks, are shown on the right.
Photos of Walter with unidentified women.
First photo shows Walter on the right at a wedding in Chicago. 
Second photo is an unknown event---he is on the far right.
Walter at a tour of a coal mine.
Here he is shown on the family farm, which was right on Telegraph Road in Taylor, MI. 
In the first photo, the woman in the middle is his sister, Lillian Martyniuk.  The third photo shows him working with grandma's uncle Vasyl. 
Here he is working in the family meat market, explained further under my great grandfather's section.
Various photos of Walter.

Great Grandmother - Anastasia F. (my dad's father's mother)

In the first photo, she is with my grandfather, Walter, as a young child---this was likely around 1920 (he was born in 1916).  She is pictured on the left in the second photo.
Various photos of Anastasia.

Great Grandfather - Joseph F. (my dad's father's father)

meatshopjoe.jpg (135806 bytes) 
  meatshoppeople.jpg (225109 bytes) 
My great grandfather, Joe, ran a meat stand at the Eastern Market in Detroit, MI.  My grandfather and father both worked there also.  My great grandfather is shown in the first picture.  He is on the right of the second photo with Leo, an employee---they are comparing what one could purchase for $5 in 1932 vs. 1951.  He is the second one from the left in the fourth picture.  He is on the right in the fifth photo.
Joe and the market in 1952.
Second photo shows Joe with my grandfather, Walter, probably from about 1922. 
Third photo shows Joe making a goat pen on the family farm.
Here's one that shows his sense of humor, pretending to be falling-down drunk.  His friend, Julia, is on the right.
In the first photo, Joe is on the right.  On the far left is Elia, my grandmother's uncle on her dad's side.  Next to him is Lillian, Walter's sister.  In the second photo, in the very front are Lillian and Elia.  In the back on the left are Joe and Anastasia.  Elia was an artist.  Click here to see two of his paintings.



Other Relatives of my Grandfather's

This photo was taken in Ukraine and is one of our oldest family photographs.  These are the family members of my grandfather's mother, Anastasia.  From the right is her brother, Stepan, father, mother, sister Marta, and aunts.
Walter with a relative of his mother's, named Elizabeth (relationship unknown).
Taken on Sunday, February 13, 1938.
Here he is shown with his cousin, Emily.
His cousins, Emily and Ray are on the left and his sister, Lillian is the third from the left.
This man was known to my grandmother only as "Mr. Rusky."  She remembered that he was married to Anastasia's cousin Olga.



Both Paternal Great Grandparents

Joseph F., Julia Kozikowski, Anastasia F., and Raymond Kozikowski (switch the two women and they are with appropriate husbands).  1952?



Grandmother - Mary F.

Here is my grandma in a Ukrainian dance group in 1936.
Here is my grandma at a Ukrainian Youth Convention in 1938.  She is the third one from the left in the first photo, middle one in the second photo, and is on the left in the last photo.
First photo shows Ollie and Ann Martyniuk (friends) and Grandma in May 1941.  [married names Ollie Stechey and Ann Taskey]
Second and third photos show her with friends Mary Kindiak and Molly Martyniuk in May1941.  Fourth photo shows her with her friend "Bugs" at a Ukrainian Youth Convention in 1941.
Here she is shown with her friend, Mary Kindiak.



Great Grandmother - Julia Kozikowski (my dad's mother's mother)

My grandma's father, Raymond is standing on the far right.  To the left of him is his wife, Julia.  His brother Vasyl (aka Bill) is on the far left and his brother Alex is the third one from the left.



Great Grandfather --- Raymond Kozikowski (my dad's mother's father)

My grandma Mary's father, Raymond Kozikowsky is pictured in the top right of the first photo (1921), middle of the second photo (1923), and is also the man shown in the third photo (taken in Sept. 1940). 

Other Relatives of my Grandmother's

The first photo shows my grandma's father's brother, Vasyl.  The second photo shows my grandma and her brother, Pete.  The third photo was taken at a picnic in 1943.  On the far right is my grandmother's brother, Peter.  My grandma is the second one from the left.

Great Great Grandmother - Anastasia Bukowski (my grandmother's mother's mother)

This is the only picture that exists of her.

Other Historical Photographs

This is actually the second family farm house.  The first one burned down (third and fourth photos) on 12-10-33.  On that very day, Joe was also robbed on the way from the meat market to the NBD bank on Vernor.  The house burned down because he was trying to thaw a frozen pipe and the house caught fire.  The family had to live in the chicken coop while the new house was built.
The family farm was located at 10443 Telegraph, in Taylor, MI.  Now, it is a Wendy's restaurant. 
On the Google satellite view, one can still see farmland behind it.
Photos on the family farm.  My grandfather Walter is at the bottom of the ladder in the first picture, but I'm not sure who the rest of the people are.
This is either Andy Seminik, who played for the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Philadelphia Phillies, or his brother Nick.  If anyone knows for sure, please e-mail me at
Click here for more info on Andy Seminik.


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